The Will (Red)

The Will (Red)

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Note: Like The Will limited edition, the first edition of The Will (Red) is now sold out. It ships to orderers in January 2020.

The motto of Chicago is simple. "I Will." Coined in the late 1800s, it's a reference to "the determination of Chicagoans to overcome the destruction of the fire and rebuild the city."

Chicago is home to a unique and wonderful soccer community. Chicagoan supporters are fanatical about good soccer and strong tradition. And they don't wait to be told what to do. True to their motto, they roll up their sleeves and do things themselves. 

That's why we made this shirt.

It helps that no city has better visuals to pull from. From a full exploration over at the M.Willis website:

It’s hard to think of a city with a more positive and overt relationship with its flag than Chicago. And why wouldn’t they love it? It’s incredible. The colors, the striking visuals, and the meaning are all there.

The Will (Red) celebrates the people that make Chicago great – dedicated supporters who, with their collective effort, define what it means to be a Chicago soccer fan. To the city of "I Will": we support you. 

This shirt is a collaboration with Chicago's famed Section 8 Supporters Club. It's a soft, comfortable tri-blend in red heather, and features striking navy.

Ships in Janaury 2020.