The Tournament Poster (2018)
The Tournament Poster (2018)
The Tournament Poster (2018)

The Tournament Poster (2018)

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From our longer article about the Tournament Poster:

Inspired by France, Russia, the World Cup, Minard, Edward Tufte and everyone who's enjoyed and supported the Ribbon project, this poster is the final piece in Clean Sheet Co.'s 2018 World Cup collection.

The Tournament Poster.

What's going on? Well, the tournament starts at the left side with all 32 teams, represented by their ribbons and stacked in their World Cup groups.  As time progresses, left to right, the size of a team's ribbon grows in proportion to its fortunes – roughly doubling in width for every stage in the tourney it attains.

After two weeks of group play, teams are paired for the knockout rounds. If a ribbon tapers off, that indicates the end of a team's tournament run. From the round of 16 on, a ribbon that overtakes another represents a victory by the overlapping nation.  

The Clean Sheet Co. Tournament Poster is a limited print. Each 13" x 32" piece will be gicleé printed on beautiful UltraSmooth Fine Art archival stock, then hand-signed and numbered. 

We're making 64, one for every match in the World Cup. Each print is $64. When they're gone, that's it.

The Tournament Poster ships in September 2018.