The Rough Rider

The Rough Rider

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"Don't flinch. Don't foul. Hit the line hard!"

In eight words, Teddy Roosevelt summed up much about American soccer (and maybe America itself). Sure, he may have been referring to the other football, but it doesn't matter. TR is a U.S. soccer touchstone.

And man, do we need him right now. As 2016 draws to a close, the men's squad has had a tough go of it in World Cup qualification. There's some uncertainty in the air. Changes have been made. It's early days, and there's plenty of time to correct course.

Teddy knows the most direct way to get back. Right through.

The Rough Rider shirt, named in honor of TR's famous cavalry regiment, aims to conjure his spirit. An earthen brown heather blend features a tonal People's Crest mark with just a hint of the man himself. His famous words adorn the banner. Like all of our shirts, the Rough Rider is manufactured ethically, and designed and printed to the highest standards right here in the USA.

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