The People's Jersey
The People's Jersey
The People's Jersey
The People's Jersey

The People's Jersey

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We were founded four years ago. Every second since has been leading to this. 

We're making the jersey American soccer fans have always wanted. 

It's for you.

The People's Jersey is designed specifically for independent American soccer fans. This is our first jersey, so we're not messing around. We brought in a team that's worked on beautiful apparel with adidas, Puma and New Balance. We're commissioning custom, heirloom-quality fabric. We're obsessing over the fit and feel, both which are very fan-friendly (it's got a casual - not athletic - cut). This jersey will be better than the off-the-rack jersey you'll see from the corporate establishment. It won't cost nearly as much as the official on-field jersey. And it will mean a heck of a lot more. 

We just need your help to bring it to life. As always, if you choose to support this item, you won't be charged until we're sure we're making it (i.e., once we hit 500 jerseys supported).

Special note to American Outlaws: we're working to do something very cool for you. Tell us your AO chapter when you pre-order. Once your chapter supports 15 jerseys, we'll donate $100 to a charity of your choosing, and if your AO chapter has a patch (and you can send them to us), we'll attach them to the sleeve at no extra cost. 

If you are pre-ordering the People's Jersey as a holiday gift, let us know. We will send you a beautiful card you can give your recipient letting them know their gift is being made. 

If you want to learn more about why we're making this one-of-a-kind jersey, you can read about it here

If funded, ships in Spring 2018.