The People's Crest: Home of the Brave

The People's Crest: Home of the Brave

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Copa America Centenario happened, and it happened here in the States. Aside from World Cups, it doesn't get much bigger - and as far as hosting goes, it may be a generation before the U.S. gets a privilege like this again. 

All of which means we Americans had a duty, as hosts, to put our best foot forward. We adjusted the motto in the People's Crest banner to read "Home of the Brave" - a phrase that's as ruggedly American as it is welcoming and inspiring.  

This is the shirt we wore throughout the summer, and beyond.    

This is an amazingly soft, comfortable tri-blend navy blue t-shirt featuring the People's Crest mark in bold red. Like all of our shirts, The Home of the Brave is manufactured ethically and designed and printed to the highest standards right here in the USA.

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