The New Mexico Shirt

The New Mexico Shirt

Not funded. Maybe next time!

You have to start with the flag. The Zia Sun symbol, red on a field of rich yellow, forms the basis of our design, just as it does on the country's best state flag.

But it wouldn’t be fun if we stopped there, and we don’t. It grows as it goes, after all.

So, the Clean Sheet Co. crest transforms into a member of New Mexico’s most famous (theoretical) resident population: a Roswell alien. And where the vibrant (red) sun symbol and little (green) man co-mingle, one more essential piece of New Mexican culture is represented. It’s the chile-sauce oriented question anyone dining out in the state will be asked before they’re served: “Red or green?

The New Mexico Shirt is a soft, comfortable poly-cotton blend, and like all of our shirts, manufactured ethically, and designed and printed to the highest standards right here in the USA.

No pre-orders will be charged.