The Iceland Shirt (2016 version)

The Iceland Shirt (2016 version)

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Thor's hammer struck in the 2016 Euro tournament.  To honor Iceland's summer, we're making a new run of this very limited design. The material has been updated to a beautiful, soft tri-blend, and a few of the details are new - but, just like the first time we made it, the shirt remains Iceland to the core.

From the description of The Iceland Shirt at over at the M.Willis site:

We’ve added a cultural touch - a snowflake pattern often found in Icelandic embroidery - and played with the shape and color boundaries a bit to bring the idea to life. The star is also knocked back into negative space, so as not to draw attention away from the heart of the design, the point at the center of the shield... And so we arrive at the finished product: a shirt that incorporates Icelandic symbolism (with elements of the flag), cultural significance (with the snowflake design), and soccer style (with a shirt that mirrors the colors of the national team).

The Iceland Shirt is:

  • 100% top-quality ring-spun combed cotton. 
  • Made ethically, sweatshop free, to the highest standards. 
  • Inked, sewn and finished with care and love in the USA. 
  • Ready to ship anywhere around the world.

Ships in December '16.