The France Shirt (2014 version, Grey Remix)

The France Shirt (2014 version, Grey Remix)

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Note: We love to design for national identities. We made our original France shirt in 2014. Now, three years later, it's time for a remix. Just in time for Bastille Day 2017, we've given the original regal blue France shirt – long since sold out – a modern twist. This version is printed on ultra-comfortable grey tri-blend fabric and features a re-coloring of the original design. And: it's available for limited time only. I know you're going to love it.

Here's what we wrote about the original France shirt. –M.

I loved the “field of fleur-de-lis” idea as a design starting point, and worked on it for quite some time. I came close, but kept missing something essential. It turned out, appropriately enough, to be the tricolor. Adding the blue-white-red shield elements to the crest, and turning the volume down on the fleur-de-lis marks (until they were almost a tonal complement to the shirt’s color) ended up being the proper recipe for this design.

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