The Cannon

The Cannon

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1835. Mexico's Texas territory was slowly being colonized by migrants from the States. The Mexican military arrived in a tiny settlement called Gonzales, demanding residents turn over their prized possession, a bronze cannon. The townspeople, soon to become the first Texian revolutionaries, could only respond one way.

"Come and take it."

The Cannon is based on the classic Gonzales (or "Come and Take It") Flag flown by those early revolutionaries who refused to back down to established regional powers.

It turns out the same sentiment is quite at home in the never-ending battle for North American soccer supremacy. And it's perfectly poignant every two years, when Mexico and the U.S. battle over possession of another coveted piece of hardware - the Gold Cup.  As the current Cup holder, American soccer fans everywhere can utter the challenge to Mexico and the rest of Concacaf: "Come and Take It." (You can read more detail about the "Come and Take It" story at the M.Willis website.)

In heritage cream, dark navy, red, and a dash of bronze-gold. 100% organic cotton. Designed especially for the Gold Cup, but always a potent look for fans of the domestic game.

This is a sturdy, soft t-shirt. As it goes to the shoulder, the exact orientation of the "cannon" design and slogan may vary depending on shirt size. Like all of our shirts, The Cannon is manufactured ethically, and designed and printed to the highest standards right here in the USA.

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