Our Story

We love to tell our story. 

all images from the Clean Sheet Co. 2016-17 storybook, included with packages. See the full book (PDF) here.

Clean Sheet Co. designs a particular kind of apparel, inspired by the color and iconography of athletic competition. We have a global perspective and strong American roots, and we're proud of both. With every piece of apparel we design, we try to capture the essence of fanatically loving sport.  

Clean Sheet Co. was founded in 2013 by artist, designer and digital strategist Mark Willis as a way to marry love of design and passion for the beautiful game, soccer.  With a background in leading digital production teams and shaping emerging communications strategy, Mark bootstrapped the company (designing apparel, creating packaging, building online infrastructure, mailing orders, doing social outreach and moving towards a 2015 incorporation) while simultaneously leading a digital team at Harvard University. 

Clean Sheet Co. timeline

Clean Sheet Co.'s first large project, designing special shirts for all 32 nations participating in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, was covered by major media outlets and successfully launched the brand into the American soccer community.  

A subsequent series of work, The People's Crest collection, has focused on U.S. fans, and is built around a logo designed and given freely to the American soccer community.  This collection recently expanded to include an ambitious, designed-from-scratch American soccer jersey

Along the way, Clean Sheet Co. has traveled to soccer matches around the country and internationally, worked on collaborative projects with supporters groups and other organizations, been covered by national publications (Sports Illustrated, Howler, Brand New, etc.), and has even been featured in EA Sports' FIFA franchise. We've also moved our base of operations to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. 

We're extremely proud of the feedback and love we get from fans around the world. 

Clean Sheet Co. storybook

Key Details
founded: 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts
founder: Mark Willis
based: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
products: soccer jerseys, t-shirts, ball caps, scarves, posters
unique designs: 50+
Clean Sheet Co. crestwebsite: cleansheet.co
email inquiries: info@cleansheet.co
phone: +1 617 863 0039

The Clean Sheet Co. crest is designed as an ideal, minimal version of a traditional soccer club crest. It's comprised of a shield (representing camaraderie), a ball (representing competition), and a star (representing ambition). Like the company's name, the crest is a registered trademark. 

Here are some words we enjoy: camaraderie, vintage, patriotism, heraldry, hue, symbolism, revelry, minimalism, love.