The USA Sweater

The USA Sweater

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#TheWaliday The pre-order period has ended, but until we sell out, you can still order at the retail price.

Note: Limited availability. Order by 5pm ET on November 14 for delivery by the World Cup. Orders placed after 11/14 will ship in December (in time for holiday gift giving).

The holidays will be a little different this year. Traditions will merge.

We’ll toast goals with eggnog. Carols will sound a little more like stadium chants. The advent calendar will list kickoff times. No one will do any work. (OK, not everything will change.)

The perfect holiday / World Cup mash-up for American soccer fans is The USA Sweater, by Clean Sheet Co. Inspired by the Waldo (the best look U.S. soccer's ever had), the sweater's red and white stripes are perfectly festive and patriotic. We’re affectionately calling it “The Waliday” sweater. Among other special details, a stitched-in rainbow armband shows just how inclusive, joyous and universal we hope this soccer-filled holiday season will be.

The USA Sweater ships in September, in time for the Cup and holiday gift giving. $59 for early backers, $69 at retail (if there are any left). Like every Clean Sheet Co. product, this sweater will be beautiful and comfortable. It will be a soft, acrylic blend, include wonderful, small touches, and be made to our high specifications. Exact materials and production details will be finalized near the end of the pre-order campaign, when (among other things) we know how many to make.

ships in October 2022.