The Gadsden Scarf

The Gadsden Scarf

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From the full write-up at the M.Willis site:

The Gadsden Scarf features only two colors - warning yellow and deep black. At one end, you have the hoop-style stripes you’d see on a traditional soccer scarf. As your eye moves towards the middle, the stripes beging to curve, subtley at first, until they erupt in coiled energy – and finally the iconic Gadsden rattlesnake emerges in all its glory. On one side, the snake is black on yellow; flip the scarf over, and the colors reverse (a motif that’s also been very popular in t-shirt form). The Clean Sheet Co. crest is proudly embroidered, once in each color, at the opposite ends.

The Gadsden Scarf is knitted with high-quality, comfortable acrylic fiber in a traditional jacquard style. It's approximate 60 inches long (counting the fringe) and 7 inches tall. It's designed to the highest standards right here in the USA and manufactured ethically.

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