The States
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It's the second flag down the flagpole. It's nostalgia, or a new beginning.
It's your tribe, your home... maybe even your state of mind.
We’re designing beautiful shirts honoring every U.S. state - and you can get yours here.

Image Map Idaho California South Dakota Kansas Louisiana Michigan Michigan South Carolina Maryland Vermont Rhode Island

We’re giving each U.S. state the Clean Sheet Co. treatment, a few at a time.  And, as usual, we’re going into lots of detail. 

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We're releasing shirts in small volumes. You can see the full collection as it grows right here.

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Lots of thought goes into each design. We're doing a deep design dive for each release, over at

Our first-ever design returns for a limited time.

Clean Sheet Co. is an apparel design shop from M.Willis, creator of Soccer Out of Context and Seasons, and supporter of the beautiful game (all of them).

Clean Sheet Co. makes colorful, iconic clothing that captures the essence of being a passionate sports fan. If you love athletic competition and clean design, you'll like it here. The collection is growing, one look at a time; check back often. Always inspired by sport, made for game day and designed for fanatics.